CCTV captures moped riding phone thieves in London

CCTV footage shows the thieves targeting mobile phone users in the street

CCTV cameras have captured alarming footage of a couple of moped riding thieves trying to steal mobile phones out of people’s hands as they walk the streets of London.

Four people were targeted by the thieves within a few minutes of each other, all of which were caught on CCTV.

Two thieves riding mopeds swiped a phone from a man’s hands on Sun Street but dropped it on the floor. The owner of the phone retrieved it.

Moments later, the two thieves snatched a phone from another person on the same street and rode off with it. Seconds later, the bikers are spotted on Primrose Street, where they attempt to snatch a phone from a woman who was using it at the time but were unsuccessful.

Not satisfied with just one phone, they cross the road and target another person with a mobile phone at the Bishopsgate junction and ride off.

The crime spree started on Thursday, December 29 at around 6pm, say the police.

A number of similar incidents across the City of London have been reported over the festive season. Police are warning mobile phone users to stay alert whilst using them, as they could be targeted by these thieves in a matter of seconds.

“The City of London Police is continuing to target this trend as part of Operation Attrition,” said a spokesman from the City of London Police.

The police have issued the CCTV footage to show phone users what these moped riding thieves are willing to do to to get hold of your phone.

Anyone with information, or who might recognise anyone in the CCTV footage, is urged to contact the City of London Police on 020 7601 2999, or you can call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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Police release CCTV footage of two booze thieves wanted in London


CCTV footage released showing two men grabbing booze from a shop in south east London

CCTV footage has been released by police in Lewisham, of two men they would like to speak to in connection with a burglary at a convenience store in south east London.

The Premier convenience store on Bromley Road, in Bromley, was broken into between 11:45pm on Tuesday, October 18 and 7pm on Wednesday October 19. The thieves managed to escape with large amounts of alcohol and cigarettes and some cash. The grand total of their haul amounted to around £10,000-£12,000.

On the CCTV footage, you can clearly see the moment the two thieves are caught grabbing at booze from inside the convenience store.

The thieves are believed to have gained entry by forcing open the rear shutters and door. Once the men had gained access, they raided the till and stole large quantities of cigarettes and took alcohol off the shelves. The thieves then left via the rear of the store.

Through CCTV images, the police have identified two males they would like to trace in connection with the break-in. One suspect is described as white, between 30-40 years-old, large build with a light brown beard. The second suspect is described as Asian, between 20-30 years-old, with a full black beard and black hair.

The police are keen to hear from anyone that may have been offered cheap alcohol or cigarettes recently that they think might be stolen.

Anyone with information, or who might recognise the two men in the CCTV footage, are urged to call the police on 020 8284 8361, or you can contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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