A Quick Guide On Outdoor Security Camera Positioning

Inadequate positioning and careless planning could lead to poor surveillance

Positioning CCTV cameras in the right locations around your property is vital if you want to ensure your home and outdoor areas are covered sufficiently.

Choosing the most vulnerable areas to fix the cameras will help provide perfect surveillance of the property, leaving no areas without protection.

Visible & Hidden Cameras Working Together

A burglar looks for cameras around a property and more often than not will think twice after spotting them. Whilst they do help to deter criminals, cameras positioned in the usual places can be tampered with very easily, especially if they are installed too low.

The burglar might assume that these are the only cameras at the property, so positioning a few hidden cameras here and there could help to catch them even after they’ve disabled the visible ones.

Cover All Boundaries

Cameras should be positioned in multiple locations and at different angles around the boundaries of your property, this will help to track the movements of a potential intruder. Having 360 degree coverage over all those hidden areas and main entrances around your home will help protect your property.

Keep Those Cameras High Up

Security cameras that are positioned too low can be tampered with by a potential intruder. Cameras can be left broken and out of use by a burglar and some criminals have even been known to spray paint the lenses or cut the wires.

Try and fix them higher up so they can’t be tampered with, this will also provide the cameras with an expansive observation range. Cameras should be angled so that they fixate on all entry points such as front, back and side doors, windows, garage doors and driveways/gates.

Lighting & Positioning

Don’t position the cameras where they will suffer from interference from direct sunlight as this could jeopardise the images.

Consider investing in some high quality security lighting to work alongside your CCTV cameras. Good lighting and correctly positioned cameras around your property will help to deter criminals.

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