Edmonton CCTV operators help police to catch criminals

Two separate incidents caught on CCTV cameras leading to arrests

CCTV operators in Edmonton, London have helped the police to track down and arrest criminals in two separate incidents over the last few months.

One incident involved the possession of drugs and during the other, a weapon was found.

The police in Edmonton were informed about two separate incidents during the same night involving three male suspects in the month of November. They were all caught by CCTV cameras acting in a suspicious manner.

During the first incident, the operators had picked up on a group of men stood around in the street huddled up together on Sterling Way at around 6pm. One of the men was then spotted throwing something into nearby bushes.

After a search, the item found turned out to be a knife and a man was later arrested by the police in Pymmes Park.

Only 20 minutes later, CCTV operators were alerted to another incident unfolding on Colyton Way near to a betting shop, where two men seemed to be acting suspiciously.

Whilst watching the CCTV, one of the men can be seen placing a bag under his jacket which he had just picked up from a nearby alleyway. He then walked into the betting shop. The police were contacted and the two male suspects were searched and arrested for cannabis possession.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Public Health, Councillor Krystle Fonyonga, said that their message was simple; those foolish enough to commit a crime in the borough of Enfield, will be caught out by CCTV and arrested.

Cllr Fonyonga also said that they will not tolerate small groups of people behaving in a criminal manner and will continue to work with the police to protect members of the public.

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