Shocking CCTV footage shows misuse of level crossings in London and Yorkshire

In both instances, pedestrians were caught on CCTV misusing the level crossing in an extremely dangerous way

Network Rail and the British Transport Police have released CCTV footage showing pedestrians misusing level crossings in London and Yorkshire in the most dangerous way, putting themselves at risk of being struck by an on-coming train.

Both incidents come only two weeks after the BTP and Network Rail issued warnings to the public regarding safety when using level crossings, after a man using one near Leeds was almost killed.

The first incident occurred at the Grove Park level crossing, in Chiswick, west London, on December 22 last year.

The lights are flashing and the barriers come down to stop people walking across but just after they’ve come down, you can see on the CCTV footage what looks to be a male pedestrian, dressed in a Santa outfit, pushing through the barrier and running across the tracks, followed closely by a companion who does exactly the same.

The second incident occurred in Yorkshire on New Year’s Eve at around 6.30pm.

At the Seamer Station level crossing in North Yorkshire, CCTV cameras captured two adults climbing a six-foot-high locked gate. They then pass a small child over the gate and run across the railway tracks in front of an on-coming train, which is just arriving at the station.

It looks as though they were running to catch the train, as they repeated their actions on the opposite side gate before running along the platform, missing the train despite all their risky and very dangerous attempts.

A level crossing manager for Network Rail, Mr Robert Havercroft, spoke about how dangerous this type of action was, just to try and catch a train. They simply had no idea as to whether the approaching train was even going to stop at the station, putting themselves in real danger.

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