How many CCTV cameras do I really need?

How many cameras are required to achieve the right amount of surveillance at a residential or commercial property?

This is one of the most asked questions once someone has decided they need CCTV cameras either at home or to protect their business premises and the answer will vary depending on the type of monitoring required.

You can basically choose to have as many cameras as you like but for most home CCTV systems, the ideal number of cameras is typically 1 to 4.

As an example, a three bedroomed residential property would most likely benefit from a 4 camera set up. Two indoor cameras positioned in vulnerable areas, one covering the stairs and the other pointing towards the front or rear entrance to the property.

A couple of cameras outside would be ideal, one covering the front entrance to your home and possibly one monitoring the garage area, or a particularly vulnerable place around the perimeter of your property.

For larger properties, a 6 camera CCTV system might be the best solution if more areas are needing monitoring.

The ideal number of cameras for a small business thinking of installing a CCTV system would be eight. This would provide sufficient coverage for small high-street shops, most offices and smaller warehouses.

If your business premises is large with lots of outdoor space around it, or the building is shaped in an unusual way, then maybe a 9 or 12 camera set-up would be more suited to the job of surveillance.

Typically, the front and rear exits of a businesses premises should be covered by CCTV cameras, both inside and out.

Cash points within a shop benefit from CCTV camera monitoring, as well as coverage of store rooms and on products around the shop.

Offices should concentrate on specific areas such as corridors and stairwells in which people have to pass through.

Warehouses might want to position CCTV cameras in vulnerable areas within the large floor space and outside on all entrance and exit points. Safety within a warehouse is paramount, so all areas deemed risky for workers should be monitored.

For big businesses and large warehouses, a sixteen or more camera set-up should be considered, as there’s more areas to cover both inside the building and outside.

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