Commercial CCTV Systems

We can provide all types of businesses with commercial surveillance by installing a CCTV system designed exclusively for commercial use. Our team of experts can design, install and maintain one of our business CCTV systems, featuring cutting-edge technology, for a more affordable price than ever before. Whether you own a small or large business in London, security and risk management should be one of your top priorities.

By investing in one of our affordable and easy to use systems, we can offer London businesses:

A Powerful Crime Deterrent

The sight of a CCTV camera in a business is enough to deter and scare even the most daring criminals. It’s also a strong signal to potential burglars that you take your security seriously which is especially important for small businesses which are often at greater risk.

Seamless and Affordable Systems

Many business owners believe that a commercial CCTV system is priced out of reach or is complicated to use. The sophisticated technology available is actually more affordable and easier to use than ever before. The one-time investment required in a CCTV installation for your London business is worth all of the protection and peace of mind.

Internal and External Crime Detection

Large firms aim to be impenetrable but with the affordable technology available, there is no reason why small to medium sized businesses shouldn’t also make a similar investment. Modern CCTV systems for business are equipped with a number of advanced features including facial recognition, auto-zoom, pan and tilt, and motion sensors which increase their capability of identifying offenders.

Remote Surveillance with Instant Response

CCTV systems enable business owners to observe a live picture of their business no matter where they are. This enables employers to not only detect crime but to ensure that employees are productive. With live feeds available from almost anywhere in the world, companies can respond to any issues immediately.

CCTV systems are no longer reserved for privileged companies. There are a wide array of commercial systems to suit the needs and budgets of all businesses. We can provide your business in London with the design, maintenance and commercial installation of a CCTV system that will reduce your business threats immediately.

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