What Is CCTV Remote Monitoring and How Does It Work?


CCTV installation is one of the best ways in which you can protect your home or business. Not only does the mere sight of CCTV cameras inside or outside a building help to deter criminals, in the event of an incident occurring you’ll have the recorded evidence to give to the police, which could lead to the perpetrators being caught.

Having a high quality CCTV system installed at your home is generally all that’s required for most homeowners in the UK – providing you with the ability to capture and record suspicious activity in and around your property, giving you and your family peace of mind.

However, larger homes and especially businesses that are vulnerable to all kinds of criminal activity, such as vandalism and theft, would benefit greatly from additional security which is offered by way of remote monitoring.

What Is CCTV Remote Monitoring?

A remote monitoring service works alongside your current CCTV security system and provides you with the extra security and protection you need.

CCTV remote monitoring is like having an on-site security guard working for you round the clock, except that the cost to your business is much cheaper.

Your remote monitoring provider will charge you an annual fee for the service but the extra security you gain far outweighs the money you spend putting it in place and will benefit your business hugely in the long term.

How Does It Work?

Basically, your CCTV system will be connected to the remote monitoring station you choose to go with, via an internet connection.

You’ll have the option to go for 24/7 ‘live’ monitoring, or a service that switches on when the building is empty.

If the CCTV cameras happen to spot any suspicious activity, an alarm will be sent to your remote monitoring station.

One of the operators will respond and will immediately be able to view the images from your CCTV cameras on their monitors.

The operator has the ability to pan, tilt and zoom in on your CCTV images, so they can identify why the alarm was raised and can act accordingly, notifying a key holder and the appropriate emergency services if required.

As part of your remote monitoring package, a ‘live’ audio warning might be played at your premises, which will notify the intruders that they’ve been spotted, which tends to be all that’s needed for them to leave the building before the police, or someone else arrives on site.

CCTV remote monitoring can help save your business thousands of pounds in possible losses.

For more information regarding CCTV remote monitoring, or to find out more about our home or business CCTV security services, please click here, or call and speak to one of our local CCTV installers covering the whole of London on 020 3369 8450.

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