What Is CCTV Remote Monitoring and How Does It Work?


CCTV installation is one of the best ways in which you can protect your home or business. Not only does the mere sight of CCTV cameras inside or outside a building help to deter criminals, in the event of an incident occurring you’ll have the recorded evidence to give to the police, which could lead to the perpetrators being caught.

Having a high quality CCTV system installed at your home is generally all that’s required for most homeowners in the UK – providing you with the ability to capture and record suspicious activity in and around your property, giving you and your family peace of mind.

However, larger homes and especially businesses that are vulnerable to all kinds of criminal activity, such as vandalism and theft, would benefit greatly from additional security which is offered by way of remote monitoring.

What Is CCTV Remote Monitoring?

A remote monitoring service works alongside your current CCTV security system and provides you with the extra security and protection you need.

CCTV remote monitoring is like having an on-site security guard working for you round the clock, except that the cost to your business is much cheaper.

Your remote monitoring provider will charge you an annual fee for the service but the extra security you gain far outweighs the money you spend putting it in place and will benefit your business hugely in the long term.

How Does It Work?

Basically, your CCTV system will be connected to the remote monitoring station you choose to go with, via an internet connection.

You’ll have the option to go for 24/7 ‘live’ monitoring, or a service that switches on when the building is empty.

If the CCTV cameras happen to spot any suspicious activity, an alarm will be sent to your remote monitoring station.

One of the operators will respond and will immediately be able to view the images from your CCTV cameras on their monitors.

The operator has the ability to pan, tilt and zoom in on your CCTV images, so they can identify why the alarm was raised and can act accordingly, notifying a key holder and the appropriate emergency services if required.

As part of your remote monitoring package, a ‘live’ audio warning might be played at your premises, which will notify the intruders that they’ve been spotted, which tends to be all that’s needed for them to leave the building before the police, or someone else arrives on site.

CCTV remote monitoring can help save your business thousands of pounds in possible losses.

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My CCTV system has a fault – should I repair or replace it?

CCTV systems are just like most other electrical items and on occasion do develop faults. The big question you have to ask yourself if your CCTV system does suddenly stops working properly is; do I have it repaired, or should I opt for a brand new CCTV system?

If your CCTV system is only a matter of a few months, or a couple of years old, then it makes sense to just have it repaired, otherwise it’s probably more cost effective to replace it with a brand new one.

It could turn out to be a blessing in disguise if your current CCTV system is rather old and dated, as new technology is coming to market all the time, providing much better image quality, not to mention additional features such as being able to ‘live’ view your images/footage via your smartphone, laptop or tablet from anywhere in the world.

For those of you with an old analogue system that’s suddenly developed a fault, the time could be right for you to switch over to an HD CCTV camera system – it’s a very easy process to make the swap and affordable too, as it uses the same cables already used for your analogue system.

So to conclude, if your CCTV system is fairly new but has simply developed a fault, then it’s probably a good idea to get it repaired.

If however, your current CCTV system has a fault but is now rather old and dated, the best option would be to look at replacing it with a brand new system.

Upgrading from an analogue CCTV system to an HD camera system will not only be an easy transition to make, it won’t cost you as much as you think and will provide you with a more flexible system and clearer image quality.


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Do CCTV Cameras Cost A Lot of Money?

Investing in a CCTV system is one of the best ways of protecting and securing your home or business premises – CCTV cameras act as a strong visual deterrent and provide you with the ability to monitor what’s yours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Like most electrical items, there’s a wide range of CCTV cameras to choose from which vary in price, starting with the cheaper dummy CCTV cameras, which in our opinion are really a waste of time, to the more specialist and bespoke CCTV cameras which can cost hundreds of pounds or more.

You might have a limited budget for your CCTV camera system but that doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. There’s such a wide range of CCTV cameras on the market today and one of the best ways of ensuring you choose the right one for your budget is to decide what type of surveillance you’re after in the first place.

Choosing a more expensive CCTV camera don’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be the best, there’s such a huge range of good quality, cost effective CCTV cameras to look at on the market today.

Many people believe that by purchasing one of the more expensive CCTV cameras, the quality of the footage/images will be much better but that isn’t necessarily true.

What is true however, is that HD, or IP CCTV cameras will provide you with better quality images than those from an analogue CCTV camera, however it’s the compression of the recorded footage when stored that effects them most.

CCTV cameras, like most electrical items, can be very cheap, cheap, middle of the road or expensive and there’s no guarantee as to the image quality on many of them but what they do all provide is the ability to monitor and capture footage, as well as acting as a strong visual deterrent.

It really comes down to your individual needs and requirements and how much your budget is.


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Hidden CCTV Cameras or Visible Ones – which are the best?

One of the best decisions you’ll ever make when it comes to home security, is choosing to invest in a high quality CCTV system but how do know which option is the best – hidden or visible CCTV cameras?

Obviously, hidden cameras are exactly what you assume they will be – cameras that are hidden out of sight. They’re more often than not placed inside another item within your property, to hide the fact that they’re there but still have the ability to record what they see.

Visible CCTV cameras, on the other hand, are out there for all to see, leaving no one in any doubt that they are being watched and possibly recorded. They are the ultimate visual deterrent when it comes to protecting your home and more often than not will discourage an intruder from attempting to break in to your property.

When it comes to which option is best for you, it all depends on your individual needs and requirements. Most homeowners tend to go for visible cameras, especially outside, as they do act as a strong visual deterrent, as well as being able to capture and record CCTV images/footage.

However, when it comes to indoor surveillance, many people opt for hidden cameras rather than visible ones, as large visible cameras can on the whole look a tad unattractive and intrusive within a home environment but in saying that, the dome camera is a very smart, compact CCTV camera, which comes in a variety of colours these days to blend into their surroundings and are becoming ever more popular.

To conclude, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to which option is the best, hidden CCTV cameras or visible ones. It simply comes down to individual needs, requirements and more often than not, budget.

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How many CCTV cameras do I really need?

How many cameras are required to achieve the right amount of surveillance at a residential or commercial property?

This is one of the most asked questions once someone has decided they need CCTV cameras either at home or to protect their business premises and the answer will vary depending on the type of monitoring required.

You can basically choose to have as many cameras as you like but for most home CCTV systems, the ideal number of cameras is typically 1 to 4.

As an example, a three bedroomed residential property would most likely benefit from a 4 camera set up. Two indoor cameras positioned in vulnerable areas, one covering the stairs and the other pointing towards the front or rear entrance to the property.

A couple of cameras outside would be ideal, one covering the front entrance to your home and possibly one monitoring the garage area, or a particularly vulnerable place around the perimeter of your property.

For larger properties, a 6 camera CCTV system might be the best solution if more areas are needing monitoring.

The ideal number of cameras for a small business thinking of installing a CCTV system would be eight. This would provide sufficient coverage for small high-street shops, most offices and smaller warehouses.

If your business premises is large with lots of outdoor space around it, or the building is shaped in an unusual way, then maybe a 9 or 12 camera set-up would be more suited to the job of surveillance.

Typically, the front and rear exits of a businesses premises should be covered by CCTV cameras, both inside and out.

Cash points within a shop benefit from CCTV camera monitoring, as well as coverage of store rooms and on products around the shop.

Offices should concentrate on specific areas such as corridors and stairwells in which people have to pass through.

Warehouses might want to position CCTV cameras in vulnerable areas within the large floor space and outside on all entrance and exit points. Safety within a warehouse is paramount, so all areas deemed risky for workers should be monitored.

For big businesses and large warehouses, a sixteen or more camera set-up should be considered, as there’s more areas to cover both inside the building and outside.

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The benefits of a CCTV security system for your business

Businesses throughout the UK are potential targets for criminals. Theft, fraud, vandalism and anti social behaviour are real threats to a business, large or small, so investing in a high quality, modern CCTV security camera system is the best way of protecting your business premises and the staff who work for you.

Business CCTV systems allow for the observation of multiple locations in and around your premises. They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing total peace of mind that your business and staff are being protected constantly.

CCTV cameras act as a strong visual deterrent and with so many options on the market today, there’s something for every business, no matter what size it may be.

The cost of a smart, high-quality CCTV camera security system has fallen drastically over the years, making a good CCTV system accessible to all.

The main reason business owners choose a CCTV system is to prevent a crime from happening in the first place. However, if a crime does occur on your business premises, the CCTV cameras will capture and record the images/footage, which can then be used as evidence at a later date.

Just the mere sight of CCTV cameras and signage help to reduce the risk of a crime being committed and recent records showed a 90% drop in crime in areas where visible CCTV cameras were installed, such as in shopping centres, big retail stores and car parks.

With so many options available when it comes to CCTV systems for business premises, the best idea is to bring in the professionals – we will visit your business premises, take a good look around, consider all the security risks and design the right system based upon our findings.

You won’t have to worry about a thing, we will take care of everything from the initial design right down to the installation and maintenance of your new high quality CCTV system.

Whatever your business CCTV security requirements may be, our expert installers at cctvlondon.co.uk will install the right CCTV system for your specific needs, at a hugely competitive and affordable price.

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Why do we need home CCTV security cameras?

When considering whether to install CCTV cameras around your property, you should also look at other ways in which you can improve security, such as outdoor security lighting, burglar alarms and window locks etc..

A high quality CCTV security system is an effective tool when it comes to protecting what’s yours and works well alongside other security measures that you’ve already put in place to help protect you, your loved ones and your property.

A professionally installed CCTV system can help to discourage anti-social behaviour and reduce crime – who wants to be caught out by by cameras?

CCTV cameras are a strong deterrent in the fight against crime and give you peace of mind whilst you are at home and thanks to modern technology, whilst you’re away from home too.

The purpose of a high quality CCTV system is to monitor your property to prevent criminal activity. CCTV security cameras are helpful in monitoring vulnerable places around your home.

If suspicious activity occurs around your property, the cameras will pick up the images and your DVR will record the details and if required, could be used as evidence in the event of an arrest.

With the rise in popularity as a home security solution, CCTV systems are now extremely affordable and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Positioned in strategic areas around your property, your home, loved ones and possessions will be protected and made to feel more secure, knowing you can keep an eye on what’s happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any way in which we can help to deter criminals is a positive and the mere sight of CCTV cameras are enough to make a burglar think twice.

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The benefits of wireless CCTV cameras

Wireless CCTV cameras for the home – a quick guide

Wireless CCTV systems are becoming a popular choice in the UK for protecting your property. They are generally more expensive than the traditional wired CCTV systems but they do offer more flexibility, they’re easier to install and are more cost effective.

As they operate over the internet, they can be positioned anywhere in the property, allowing for movement to a different location if required. There’s no need for holes to be drilled for pulling cables through, making the job easier and quicker for the installer.

Due to the fact that there are no wires, cameras can be installed anywhere, inside and outside withouth having to worry about electrical connections and cables. The whole installation process is much easier and the whole system set up is far neater without cables running here and there.

The good thing about wireless CCTV systems is that there are no wires on the outside of your property for thieves to tamper with, providing you with a secure and reliable system to protect your home.

Wireless CCTV cameras provide you with super clear images, which are vital in the event of an incident occurring at your property, as the images can then be used as evidence.

Your wireless CCTV system works via an internet connection, so remote monitorng is an added bonus, allowing for control of your system through the use of a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

This enables you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world, giving you peace of mind that your home is being protected 24/7 whilst you’re away from home.

If you have vulnerable loved ones at home, such as teenagers alone after a school day, or an elderly member of the family, then remote monitoring will help reassure you that everything is okay at home whilst you aren’t there.

And lastly, if you decide to move house, your wireless CCTV system can move too, saving you money.

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How effective are dummy CCTV cameras?

The experts guide on dummy cameras and whether they actually work

Installing CCTV security cameras at your home or business premises is one of the most effective ways of deterring criminals and protecting what’s yours.

There’s now a wide range of smart, modern CCTV systems on the market – one that can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements and budget.

However, many people turn to dummy cameras as a cheap way of protecting their property, hoping that the sight of any camera will be sufficient enough to scare off intruders.

But what about dummy cameras? Are they really as effective as the real thing in helping to deter criminals? Let’s find out..

What is a dummy camera?

A dummy camera looks exactly like the real thing but they are fake. They are available in a choice of shapes and sizes to fit best with the requirements you have. Some of the more advanced dummy cameras even come with real CCTV camera features, such as zoom, pan and tilt but they are still fake – they do not have the ability to videotape or record anything.

Dummy cameras are cheap but they are cheap for a reason, they don’t work like the real thing – they are fake cameras and do nothing to protect your property in the event of a break-in, other criminal incident.

To Conclude

Dummy cameras at best, may help to deter criminal activity at your home or business premises but they haven’t got the ability to prove anything. They can also create a false sense of security and then there’s legal issues to consider too.

A number of home and business owners have been sued over the use of dummy cameras on their premises – if they hadn’t put the dummy cameras up in the first place, they wouldn’t have been in the position of having to defend themselves.

As for whether you can tell the difference between dummy and real CCTV cameras, most professional criminals can, which makes the fake option a pointless exercise in security prevention.

Many would argue that fake security is better than no security but when you take into consideration all of the above, dummy cameras are not the way to address your security issues – only real CCTV cameras can do the job of protecting and securing your property. Installing a dummy camera because it’s a cheaper option than the real thing is a waste of money – money better spent on a fully working CCTV security system.

To find out more about real CCTV security systems to help protect your home or business, please click here.

A Quick Guide On Outdoor Security Camera Positioning

Inadequate positioning and careless planning could lead to poor surveillance

Positioning CCTV cameras in the right locations around your property is vital if you want to ensure your home and outdoor areas are covered sufficiently.

Choosing the most vulnerable areas to fix the cameras will help provide perfect surveillance of the property, leaving no areas without protection.

Visible & Hidden Cameras Working Together

A burglar looks for cameras around a property and more often than not will think twice after spotting them. Whilst they do help to deter criminals, cameras positioned in the usual places can be tampered with very easily, especially if they are installed too low.

The burglar might assume that these are the only cameras at the property, so positioning a few hidden cameras here and there could help to catch them even after they’ve disabled the visible ones.

Cover All Boundaries

Cameras should be positioned in multiple locations and at different angles around the boundaries of your property, this will help to track the movements of a potential intruder. Having 360 degree coverage over all those hidden areas and main entrances around your home will help protect your property.

Keep Those Cameras High Up

Security cameras that are positioned too low can be tampered with by a potential intruder. Cameras can be left broken and out of use by a burglar and some criminals have even been known to spray paint the lenses or cut the wires.

Try and fix them higher up so they can’t be tampered with, this will also provide the cameras with an expansive observation range. Cameras should be angled so that they fixate on all entry points such as front, back and side doors, windows, garage doors and driveways/gates.

Lighting & Positioning

Don’t position the cameras where they will suffer from interference from direct sunlight as this could jeopardise the images.

Consider investing in some high quality security lighting to work alongside your CCTV cameras. Good lighting and correctly positioned cameras around your property will help to deter criminals.

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